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INTERSPORT Consumer Commitments

At INTERSPORT we put customers in the centre of our thinking. We have, therefore, taken customer service to an unique level within the sporting goods retail industry with our International Customer Assistance and Support Programme. Backed by our commitments a customer will be assisted with any broken or faulty product throughout our network of retailers and countries, regardless of which INTERSPORT store sold the product originally.

We guarantee international customer satisfaction and support

It is the middle of July, beautiful, sunny and warm.  Being the outdoor thrill seeker that you are, you finally bought the new tunnel-tent you have been eying for months and are anxious to test it out. On Friday evening, you put your bike on the roof rack, your tent and backpack in the car and head to your favourite camping spot in Cannes, France.

Coming back to your campsite after a long morning bike ride along the seashore, you discover that two of the suspension strings on your tent have broken.  Has this ever happened to you?

Our international network allows you to take your tent to any INTERSPORT store and have it fixed or replaced where possible*. When you buy at INTERSPORT, borders become a thing of the past.  We offer you support at most stores, in any country, no matter where you made the purchase.

*This applies to claims made within 2 years of purchase, and products backed with proof of purchase. It does not apply to general wear and tear of the products.

We guarantee money back satisfaction

It is that time of the year again, beach season!  On Tuesday, after work you and some girlfriends head to the shops in search of new beach attire.  You want to get the works: bathing suits, flip flops, sunglasses, skirts and more.  As the stores are about to close, in haste, you grab a pink skirt and add it to your pile of new summer clothes on your way to the register.

A couple of days later you try on the skirt with your army green bathing suit and realise the skirt does not work at all. Surely, this has happened to you.

As the skirt is not worn or used and you still have your proof of purchase, INTERSPORT accepts returns on most products*.  Take the skirt back to your local store and we will give you your money back or exchange where possible.

*This applies to un-used and un-worn products only in the original packaging. All claims must be made within 14 days of purchase, and must be supported with proof of purchase. It does not apply to products purchased abroad.

We guarantee expert and personalised advice and service

Your skis are so old school that even Warren Miller would be proud.  Your family has decided to have this year’s reunion at Chamonix Ski resort.  You just know that if you show up with the skis that you have now, your children will bug you relentlessly.

But you do not know anything about the new “hip” skis or how ski technology has improved.  Not to mention, you feel insecure about going to a sport shop and asking a sales person to help you.  What if they do not know any more than you do?  Have you ever felt like your are in a lose/lose situation when it comes to finding the right gear?

Come to INTERSPORT – let us hook you up.  Our expert staff can help you get what you are looking for while being sensitive to your individual needs.  No one will be able to call you anything but cool when you rock up with your new FISCHER carving skis.

Go on, show those youngsters who's still king or queen of the slopes.

We guarantee the worlds best choice of the leading brands

INTERSPORT stores can show you a unique selection of products and brands, alongwith the latest innovations in today’s sports equipment.  We will help you outfit the next budding sports star in your family.

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